Wedding Party


Matron of Honor

Kristi and Katie were randomly selected to be roommates their freshman year at St. John Fisher College and they've been besties ever since. Their love of dogs, board games, and watching Friends is the glue that has held their friendship together for over 10 years. They're currently living the dream with houses 2 streets apart.



Jess and Katie? They're sisters. They lived that childhood bunk bed life, argued over which bowl of ice cream was bigger, and led combined efforts against their parents to get them to take them to the arcade. Needless to say, they've had each other's backs since day one.



Amber and Katie were lucky enough to be placed in three 80-minute classes in a row together during their first semester at St. John Fisher, so they sat with each other during all of them. They bonded over their mutual hatred of Anthropology class and love/hate relationship with running track.



Having only met each other once prior, Emmalyn and Katie became suitemates their senior year of college—best decision ever. Now, when Chris and Katie tell the story of how they met, they say "through a mutual friend". Emmalyn is that friend. Without her, there would be no "us".



One of the sweetest (and sassiest) humans alive, Teryn and Katie became friends after multiple ladies nights out and apartment sleepovers. She accompanied Katie on one of her first nights out on the town with Chris, and is now their go-to person for life hacks and restaurant recommendations.



Although they were friends prior to traveling to Mexico together, sitting next to each other on a miserable 3-hour, 120 degree bus ride to Chichen Itza solidified their friendship. Shortly after that bonding experience, they became roommates and together they would eventually join the epic ranks of Beer Olympic champions.


Best Man

Playing for opposing travel and high school baseball teams, Tim and Chris began as rivals. However, they quickly trasitioned from rivals to friends upon teaming up at St. John Fisher, and ended up as roommates for 6 years. These days, you'll most likely find them out on the links, oftentimes as partners.



Meeting for the first time at a baseball camp in Jr. High, Nick and Chris eventually used those camp skills against each other, battling for Section V titles in high school (Chris didn't win any...). They later became great friends as teammates at St. John Fisher and were roommates for several years. They remain teammates even now, playing for the same men's league hockey team.



Matthew and Chris grew up competing with each other at just about everything. From knee hockey to video games, backyard baseball to golf, and everything in between. Neither liked to lose, which definitely didn't cause any scuffles back in the day... Having grown up a bit since then, they now bond over things like Star Wars, Marvel movies, and hockey. They both currently live in Fairport and Matthew has become one of Wookiee's favorite friends.



Justin is one of Chris' oldest friends, having played travel baseball together starting at age 12. After a few years of playing against each other in high school, they rejoined forces at Dugan Yard and were roommates sophomore year. Their mutual affinity for craft beer and baseball has helped keep them very close ever since.



Despite having both attended St. John Fisher College, Jeff and Chris didn't actually cross paths until after college. Since then, golf, video games, and genny lights have helped bring them closer. They remain members of the same country club and golf buddies to this day.



Evan is the husband of bridesmaid, Teryn, which is how Chris and Evan first met just a few years back. They quickly bonded over things like hockey, baseball, and golf. Much like his wife, Evan is one of nicest people you'll ever meet.